How to get a

Cloud Training 

License for 

Tricentis Tosca?

How to get a Cloud Training License for Tricentis Tosca?

Recently Tricentis stopped providing its free trial license for Tosca on its website. But there is still a way to get a training license for Tosca which we can use for learning purposes.

Steps to obtain a Cloud Training License for Tricentis Tosca:

1. Go to Tricentis Support page and click on Register

2. Complete the registration form by filling all the mandatory details 

(Note: This will require a valid business email address)

3. Complete the email verification process by clicking on Verify me now! link received in the email from Tricentis Support portal

4. Go to License Request page

5. Click on Request Cloud Training License link

6. Wait for some time. Once license is ready, the State will change to Deployed

7. Open Tosca Commander

***Click on Download Tricentis Tosca link if you have not installed Tosca already

8. Go to Project -> License

9. Click on Connect

10. Select "Connect to Cloud hosted License Server". Click on OK

11. Enter your login credentials. Click OK

***Enter the same username and password which you used for Tricentis Support portal

12. You should be successfully connected to the license server and able to learn Tosca

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