Introduction To BDD & Cucumber Framework

Learn about the most popular BDD framework

Introduction To BDD & Cucumber Framework

What is BDD?

  • It is also known as Behavior Driven Development
  • It is an Agile Software Development Process
  • It encourages team collaboration
  • It is Inherited from TDD principles
  • It uses simple domain specific languages similar to English
  • Some of the popular BDD tools are Cucumber, Jbehave, Specflow, Jasmine

What is Cucumber Framework?

  • It is a popular BDD Framework
  • It uses Gherkin language to write business specifications
  • It contains Features, Step Definitions and Test Runner
  • It supports languages like Java, JavaScript
  • It can be easily integrated with Automation tools like Selenium
  • It can be integrated with popular test frameworks like TestNG or Junit
  • It has inbuilt Reporting Capabilities

Different Components in Cucumber Framework:

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