Top 10 Features in Tricentis Tosca version 16.0

Tricentis has released the latest version of  Tosca which provides additional capabilities for automation of packaged applications from Oracle, Workday and Microsoft Dynamics 365, new mobile testing features and many other exciting enhancements.

Lets have a look at the top 10 features which will be available with new Tosca version 16.0:

  1.  Tricentis Mobile Agent (TMA): A new centralized service for seamless connectivity to Android & iOS devices. It will allow to easily manage connections across any mobile devices (local/remote/cloud). 
  2.  Enhanced Test Automation for Oracle: Using Tosca ID Mapper and ARIA framework support, it will be possible to automate dynamic and complex controls within the Oracle applications.
  3.  Tosca ID Mapper: It can be used to lower test customisation and increase stability by building a library of custom build IDs to identify all the controls in SUT.
  4.  Support for ARIA Framework: Tosca can automate applications built with the Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) framework. Read More
  5.  Dark Theme: The new dark and high contrast theme improves accessibility and readability.
  6.  Cloud License Reporting: Tosca administrators can monitor cloud license usage and access reports on their own.
  7.  Test cases pre-execution approval: Users can easily manage pre-execution review and approval of test cases directly in Tosca for testing validated applications for life science, pharmaceutical and utilities industries. Read More
  8.  Performance Improvements for File Service: Users can continue to work in Tosca Commander even if the file system runs out of space or is unavailable.
  9.  Support for latest SAP Innovation: Tosca 16.0 fully supports SAP UI5 (Fiori) version 1.103-1.109 and SAP Success Factors Release 2022H2.
  10.  Support for Java 17: Java 17 applications can now be automated by Tosca 16.0

Some of the other enhancements include faster Tosca-qTest integration, enhanced DEX security, automated setup of DEX agents, improved PDF automation and rescan feature for Mainframe applications.

Want to learn more about test automation with Tosca - Explore our courses here 

Bijan Patel
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